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AUS (Valdivia)
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MAIRA, Javiera. ENTREVISTA Heinz Schöttli. AUS (Valdivia), 2009, no.6, p.28-31. ISSN 0718-7262.

Heinz Schöttli, urbanist architect, during a visit to our Institute, presented a part of his last projects carried out in Europe; besides participating In the posthumous tribute to Professor Ernst Kasper, of whom he was a student at Kunstakademie de Düsseldorf. Born in Switzerland in 1958, after studying Architecture in Germany, he has worked in his profession (Stamm, Hochhaus and Untertrifaller) and in teaching in different Universities in Switzerland, Germany and France. Since 1996, his work has been centered in the scope of Urbanism, where, as director of a government planning organism, works in the development of sustainability based projects. Presently, his great ambition is the project ZEUS: Zero-Emission-Urban-System, presented to the European Community; structured inside the frame of outlining of urban and territorial sustainability worldwide in use. Within the context of environmental and cultural urgency demanded today by the effects of climatic changes - mainly through reduction of emission of greenhouse gases - Industrialized countries, aware of their responsibility, are working and giving priority to resources towards solution oriented research promoting a change in the urban and productive practices, incorporating technology, design, government and participation. This interview is an example of initiative bearing that objective

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