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vol.37 no.2Field performance of Pinusponderosa seedlings inoculated with ectomycorrhizal fungi planted in steppe-grasslands of Andean Patagonia, ArgentinaEffects of heat shock on seed germination of Turkish red pine (Pinus brutia)  author indexsubject indexsearch form
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Bosque (Valdivia)
On-line ISSN 0717-9200

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ACHERITOBEHERE, Laura Melania and ORELLANA, Ivonne Alejandra. Influence of wind and native vegetation on the distribution of Pseudotsuga menziesii regeneration in Patagonia, Argentina. Bosque (Valdivia), 2016, vol.37, no.2, p.317-325. ISSN 0717-9200.

Sapling distribution patterns of wind dispersed species tend to be influenced not only by wind direction and speed, but also by the presence of shrubs species that favor sapling recruitment. We analyzed the effect of wind direction and presence of understory species in Austrocedrus chilensis forest and shrublands, on Pseudotsuga menziesii sapling distribution. We selected three P. menziesii forestations; in each forestation, six transects were established in NE, E, SE, SW, W, NW orientations. Pseudotsuga menziesii seedling and sapling densities were evaluated in each transect. Understory species associated with P. menziesii saplings were also recorded. We found significant difference in P. menziesii sapling density between wind-favored versus non-favored orientations, being more abundant in wind-favored orientations. We also detected significant differences in P. menziesii saplings density associated with different understory species and herbaceous species or bare soil; the highest values were found in association with herbaceous species or with bare soil.

Keywords: invasion; dispersal; Douglas fir; ciprés de la cordillera; saplings; invasiones; dispersión; pino oregón; ciprés de la cordillera; renovales.

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