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 no.58Sherry Wine-making and Vineyard Terminology in English: A Case StudyOn heroes and ideologies: the construction of the subject in the literature pertaining to the cultural field related to the dictatorship  author indexsubject indexsearch form
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MORAGA-GARCIA, Fernanda. Politics of shame and exclusion: the crossbred subject in Adriana Pinda's Parias zugun. Estud. filol., Nov. 2016, no.58, p.161-186. ISSN 0071-1713.

In this article the political strategies that Adriana Pinda performs in his book Parias zugun are considered in order to situate a community's resistance to the implicit historic pact between the patriarchal-indigenous and the patriarchal-colonialist powers. This community is formed mainly from a heterogeneous "matrilineality" where the historical resignification of the Malinche figure is essential. Thus, for this study, it is relevant the political construction of both the crossbred and pariah conditions as well as the shame and exclusion that manifest and legitimate the subject of these poems.

Keywords: crossbred; mapuche; pariah; exclusion; Malinche.

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