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ECHEVERRIA ARRIAGADA, Carlos I. Attitudes and preferences of English-Spanish translation students in relation to Spanish grammatical features associated with frequency Anglicisms. Estud. filol., Nov. 2016, no.58, p.67-96. ISSN 0071-1713.

This article studies the attitudes and alternative preferences of Chilean native Spanish-speaking English-Spanish translation students in relation to four Spanish grammatical features associated with frequency Anglicisms, of which 15 different variants were considered. The results, which were recorded using a questionnaire including both closed and open questions, showed, on the one hand, that the informants had markedly favorable attitudes towards the features of interest and, on the other hand, that the alternative preferences of the informants, which divided into 15 different groups and were consistent with the observed attitudes, correspond to relatively stable substitution formulas.

Keywords: Spanish grammar; frequency Anglicisms; language attitudes; alternative preferences; English-Spanish translation.

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